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Customer Service

Delivery Terms

Free delivery in The Netherlands for orders from 75 EUR. For other orders the delivery cost is 10 EUR.

Free delivery within 10km range from the shop location, delivery slots can be chosen during checkout. For the deliveries to another EU states, please, reach out to us via contact form.

A privacy policy is a legal document that outlines how a website handles users' personal information. It's crucial for businesses to have one to protect users' privacy and comply with data protection laws.

A disclaimer limits liability for information provided. It informs users of risks and limitations.

Payment Options

We do accept major online payment options, including PayPal, credit cards, iDEAL and regional specific payment options like Sofort. All payment options except PayPal are powered by Stripe.

A cookie policy is a statement that explains how a website uses cookies. It outlines what types of cookies are used, why they are used, and how manage or disable them. It's important for websites to have a clear and transparent cookie policy to comply with data protection regulations and build trust with users.

T&C is a legal agreement between a company and its customers that outlines rules and guidelines for product or service usage. It's important to read and understand before ordering the products.

Return Policy is a set of guidelines for managing customer returns and exchanges. It outlines conditions, time frames, and processes for handling returns, building trust and improving shopping experience.


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