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Our Friend Wine House Ivan Katunar

We have a very special relationship with Ivan Katunar wine house; it was the first winery that we visited with our three-month-old son (Ivan). The family has a tradition of viticulture that goes back for centuries. The great-grandfather was a butcher, and even then he made wine and sold it with the meat. His grandson Ivan increased the winemaking to commercial production from 1989. The family's first label from 1991 hangs framed on the wall.

The family lives, works and creates in their wine house “Ivan Katunar”. In the wooden barrel cellar the wines mature in Croatian, French and Italian barrique barrels, together with the steel tanks, the wine cellar has a capacity of more than 120,000 l.

"Viticulture is not just our job, it‘s our passion and our way of life. That is why we create poetry in the glass for you with our wines ..."

Ivan Katunar

Cellar master Ivan Katunar

Ivan worked in the winery as a young child. He grew up there, studied and married Egle. Together with their children, they have given themselves completely to the love of wine and their land paired with knowledge and traditions.

The wineries and the cultivation


Sun, sandy beaches and turquoise blue sea as far as the eye can see - heaven on earth exists. The island of Krk is not only a popular holiday destination, but also very favorable for the vineyards with the autochthonous grape varieties, mainly Žlatina. Ivan Katunar Wine House is located in Vrbničko Polje, near the village of Krasina and in the area of the youngest mulberry plant in the area, near the village of Risika. These two locations are exceptionally favorable for viticulture and guarantee high-quality grapes every year, from which quality wines are then produced in their own wine cellar.

The family is very emotionally attached to the Sansigot grape variety, which originally comes from the island of Susak in the Kvaner Bay. A sandy island in Croatia, translated it means "black man from Susak". The vine was almost extinct 20 years ago. The family saved the last 20 plants and planted them on the island of Krk, they brought the soil specially from the island of Susak. Without the commitment of the Katunar family, it would not be possible for us to enjoy this wine. They put all their passion and strength into the wine and are rewarded with GOLD as the best red wine in Croatia in 2021.

Key Facts

Ivan Katunar
Island Krk, Vrbnik
Year established
1989 commercially, previously long tradition in vitirculture
Cellar master
Ivan Katunar
150 ha Žlatina, ca. 6 ha their own vineyards
Cultivation method
Organic, conventional
Vrbničko Polje
Grape varieties
Žlatina, Sansigot, Muscat, Chardonnay, Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon
Soil type
Sandy, stone
Grape harvest
Mainly per hand
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