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Our Friend Fabig Winery

The first thing that catches the eye when we arrive at the Fabig winery are the clear lines of the modern building in a minimalist style, a timeless and luxurious design. Amazing but it fits in well with the almost Mediterranean area of Hustopeče. Roman's wines - Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Cabernet Moravia - are brilliant, expressive, joyful and at the same time exotic and experimental.

"I think there is nothing more elegant than wine and architecture. One of my dreams was to combine these two things"

Roman Fabig

Cellar master Roman Fabig

Roman Fabig is a young winemaker who uses innovative methods, but does not want to follow short time trends and rather use long-term and eco-friendly methods. He focuses on quality instead of quantity. Roman gained experience at the winemakers and wineries in Austria, Spain and New Zealand.


Every wine gets its own name - SOUL for the soul that is in it, BIG for FaBIG and symbolic for the fact that Czech wine does not need to hide, Renaissance (after the Renaissance house in Husptopeče) for the resurrection for Czech Republic as a wine nation with centuries of history in viticulture. His logo, well thought out in terms of color, to match every wine, means the many paths and cooperation among people and the regional anchoring - every single thread leads its own path to all come together in the end.


The wineries and the cultivation


Auspitz or Hustopeče in Czech is one of the oldest populated regions in South Moravia - a heart for vineyards between the Pálava nature reserve and the Nové Mlýny dam.

The picturesque area with vineyards with melodious names such as Stará hora (old mountain), Sahara, Růženy (Roses mountain), Na výsluní (Sun mountain), Starý Vrch (old hill) have a very special soil structure with clay, in dept marl, it is rich of mineral and combined with the warm climate in the area gives the wines complexity and fruity character.

Key Facts

Roman Fabig
Czech Republic
South Moravia, Hustopeče
Year established
Cellar master
Roman Fabig
8 ha
Cultivation methods
Stará Hora (old mountain), Sahara, Růženy (Roses mountain), Na Výsluní (Sun mountain), Starý Vrch (old hill)
Grape varieties
Green Veltliner, Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, André, Cabernet Moravia
Clay, in dept marl, it is rich of mineral which gives the wines complexity and fruity character
By hand
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