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Our Friend Gala Winery

We meet the Gala family in Bavory, Alzbeta and Jaromir Gala, live with their children, Luisa and Oliver, directly on the winery, surrounded by the charming scenery of South Moravia and its vineyards. They cultivate 9 hectares of their own vineyards in the unique Pálava area, which is a UNESCO nature reserve.

Under the motto

"Quality wines from the perfect grape and respect for the soil as a living organism"


the family produces unique wines and sparkling wines that have a mineral touch that is so typical and unique to this area.

Cellar master Jaromir Gala

Jaromir Gala was born in South Moravia into a family of winemakers. He graduated from the Agricultural Middle School in Valtice and then from the Mendel University in Brno, specializing in viticulture. Internships in Austria, Germany, Georgia, Canada, France, Italy helped him to gain new perspectives on the wonderful process of winemaking.


Today he works with his wife to build up the old traditions paired with new technologies and is constantly educating himself to breathe new life into the area of ​​South Moravia and the winegrowers, the vineyards that have almost been lost due to the political situation.


Alzbeta and Jaromir rely on organic farming, they have a small hotel where they like to welcome guests and organize regular wine tastings. "It is important to us who drinks our wine, we want to get to know everyone", they both laugh, so when you buy a gala wine, invite this wonderful family over to you and enjoy a drop in which all the passion, soul and love of the winemaker can be found plugged.


The wineries and the cultivation


Czech Republic is a new wine country, but at the same time an old one. Viticulture in South Moravia goes back to the 14th century. After the vineyards had a rather shadowy existence in communist times, South Moravia and local grape varieties such as Pálava, Solaris, Merzling but also others such as Welschriesling, Riesling, Sauvingon, Merlot and Pinot Noir are experiencing their renaissance.

Pálava is located in the middle of the old cultural landscape of South Moravia with white limestone cliffs surrounded by vineyards, blooming irises on the sunlit rock steppe, oak groves and the unique architecture of Mikulov, which gives the landscape a Mediterranean character. The climate is very favorable for viticulture, as one of the warmest regions in the Czech Republic.

The soil is very complex and diverse. Various types of soil can be found near the villages of Mikulov, Bavory and Perná. Heavier soils with a deep gray, gray-black or brown-black upper horizon have formed on calcareous clays and saliva from Mesolithic and Tertiary sediments. On the loess we find deep black earth and finally also flat, very permeable and dry areas - Rendzina.


The Gala family cultivates 4 vineyards, each with a different terroir, which produces wonderful wines.

"Terroir is the same as wine. Terroir is the basis. Terroir is the interaction of a number of factors such as soil, location, vine and winegrower"

The harvest mainly by hand. In the vineyards, the family uses natural cultivation methods - integrated, organic and biodynamic production. They value working with individual shrubs throughout the wine year.

Key Facts

Czech Republic
South Moravia, Pálava
Year established
Cellar master
Jaromir Gala
9 ha
Cultivation method
Hermersdorfen Perná, Biovinice Hermersdorfen, Bergrus, Untere Pálava
Grape varieties
Riesling, Chardonnay, Pinot gris, Sauvignon. Pinot Noir, Merlot, Merzling, Solaris, Pálava
Millennia ago it was a sea, fossils and shells are still being found, resulting in permeable, dry and stony rendzina, calcareous clay, partly black soils
Grape harvest
By hand
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