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Ready for a dessert?


Sweet, rich, complex.


Deep amber colour and oily structure. Aromas of sun-ripened fruits plums and figs, luscious honey and caramelized oranges. Fragrant whispers of vanilla bean and toasted almonds weave through the bouquet, adding layers of complexity and intrigue.


On the palate, the wine envelops the tongue with a velvety embrace, coating it with rich flavors and luxurious textures.


Waves of ripe peaches, candied citrus, and hints of exotic spices unfold with each sip, leading to a long, lingering finish that leaves a trail of bliss in its wake.

Ivan Katunar | Sv. Ivan Prošek

SKU: IK-Sv. Ivan Prošek
1 Liter
Tax Included
Color: White
  • Grape variety žlahtina
    Year 2017
    Category Dessert wine
    Pairing with food All kinds of dessert, dry fruits or matured cheese
    Country Croatia
    Wine-growing area Croatian coast
    Location of vineyard Vrbnik fields
    Harvested By hand
    Aging 4 years in wooden barrel 
    Aging in the bottle 2 years
    Alcohol volume 15 % vol
    Residual sugar 144 g/l
    Acids 5 g/l
    Ideal serving temperature 16 – 18 °C
    Allergens Contains sulphites
    Bottle 0,5 L
    Producer OPG Ivan Katunar
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