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Žlahtina: the wine that will leave you speechless


Žlahtina is a white-wine grape native to Croatia's coastal region, particularly thriving on the island of Krk. Despite its historical use as a table grape, it has become the island's predominant variety. Meaning of Žlahtina is "noble"

Cultural Significance: Exclusive to Krk, Žlahtina embodies local heritage and identity. Its adaptation to the island's terroir underscores its cultural importance.

Characteristics: Žlahtina wines are prized for their crisp acidity and refreshing qualities, showcasing the maritime influence and limestone soils of Krk. Once relegated to table consumption, it now produces wines of notable quality and regional distinction.




Biser Žlahtina has a delicate pale straw color, reminiscent of sunlight dancing on the Adriatic Sea. Fine bubbles create an effervescent crown, exuding elegance in the glass.


Aromas of crisp green apple and white pear, accompanied by hints of citrus zest rounded by subtle floral notes of jasmine.


On the palate it opens with crisp acidity with flavors of citrus fruits, ripe apple and juicy pear accented by hints of sea salt. A mineral undertone reflects the limestone-rich soils of Krk, imparting depth and character.


A lingering finish, with a touch of salinity, leaves a lasting impression of the island's terroir.


This sparkling wine crafted from Žlahtina grapes captures the essence of Krk's coastal beauty, offering a delightful balance of fruit, acidity, and minerality. Perfect for toasting special moments or simply savoring the flavors of the Adriatic.

Ivan Katunar | Biser Žlahtina

SKU: IK-Biser Žlahtina
1 Liter
Tax Included
Color: White
  • Grape variety žlahtina
    Year 2022
    Category Sparkling Brut
    Pairing with food Appertizers, Mozarrella salads and fried food
    Country Croatia
    Wine-growing area Croatian coast
    Location of vineyard Vrbnik fields
    Harvested By hand
    Aging Ageing on Lees for 6 month
    Method Charmat
    Alcohol volume 12 % vol
    Residual sugar 8.1 g/l
    Acids 6.6 g/l
    Ideal serving temperature 6 – 8 °C
    Allergens Contains sulphites
    Bottle 0,75 L
    Producer OPG Ivan Katunar
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