GinDome | Vodka Silver

This Vodka is made to the absolute best standards. Quality vodka is very much about purity and softness - you do not want sharp edges, but instead an elegant, smooth experience. That is why it is crucial that you use ethanol and water of the absolute best quality.


In this Gindome Silver Queen Vodka, only organic ethanol with an alcohol percentage of 96.7% is used. A bit of the same is true with regard to water. The best available water from the Viidumäe nature reserve on the Baltic Island of Saaremaa is used here.


So, the foundation and ambitions to make a world-class vodka must be said to be absolutely present. And luckily the end result does not disappoint. Gindome Silver Queen Vodka elegantly sneaks around in your mouth. It does not bite; it does not scratch - it seduces you with enormous softness and lightness.


GinDome | Vodka Silver

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1 Liter
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  • Vodka characteristics

    Aroma Elegant, no sharp edges 
    Taste Soft and light
    Aging No Aging
    Color Clear
    Country Estonia
    Region Tallinn
    Alcohol volume 40 % vol
    Bottle 0,5 L
    Producer The Hope Distillery OÛ