GinDome | Viking Dry

This gin is made as a London Dry. This mean that all is done in one distillation, and only water is added to get the right ALC %. Absolut no filtration is done.


Water used: Saaremaa Water originates from the groundwater of Viidumäe Nature Conservation Area on Saaremaa Isle.


Main botanicals: Juniper, Angelica root, Orris root and Coriander Seed + Lemon Peel, Radish, Chaga and Rowanberries, Galangal

GinDome | Viking Dry

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  • Gin characteristics

    Aroma Dominant Juniper with a citrus note
    Taste Juniper nose and taste in beginning. Sweet taste of radish, followed by vanilla taste. Rowan berry adds some sweetness along with some slightly bitter, astringent tones. 
    Aging No Aging
    Color Clear
    Country Estonia
    Region Tallinn
    Alcohol volume 47 % vol
    Bottle 0,5 L
    Producer The Hope Distillery OÛ