Garage22 | Aquavit

Inspired by the popular Scandinavian distillate, we have created the first Czech aquavit. Caraway seeds from the Vysočina region, dill from Central Bohemia - these traditional ingredients are the basis of aquavit, which excels in delicious taste and delicate aroma.


Main botanicals: Juniper, angelica, coriander, Czech dill, caraway from the Vysočina region, liquorice


Designed for both direct ice-cold consumption and non-traditional cocktails - with ginger beer, for example

Garage22 | Aquavit

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  • Aquavit characteristics

    Aroma Bread with a hint of dill. It surprises with fresh tones of cucumber.
    Taste Fresh start with dominant dill. This is followed by a soft sweetness after liquorice and a warm, earthy caraway
    Aging No Aging
    Color Clear
    Country Czechia
    Region Prague
    Alcohol volume 42 % vol
    Bottle 0,5 L
    Producer Garage22, s.r.o.