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FATAL is a reminder of the fragility of life, within the darkness lies a glimmer of hope, a beacon of light that guides us through the shadows. It's a call to cherish each moment, to live boldly and love fiercely. For in the face of the inevitable, our true strength is revealed - the ability to find beauty in the fleeting, to hold onto memories that will never fade. So let the sparkling wine "FATAL" serve as a powerful reminder to embrace life with all its imperfections and uncertainties, and to make each day count.


Edition No.1 Combination of Chardonnay and Sauvignon, base wines fermented in barrels and a blend of several vintages. Aging on lees for at least 36 months. Brut Nature.



Pale yellow color with aromas of Brioche, citrus, wet stones and vanilla.

Sensation on the palate very balanced in alcohol and acids, medium bodied with a delicate mousse and long aftertaste.

Fabig | BIG FATAL NO. 1 (non vintage)

1 Liter
Tax Included
Color: White
  • Grape variety Sauvignon Blanc & Chardonnay
    Year Non Vintage
    Category Sparkling brut nature
    Pairing with food Seafood, all types of junk food, appetizers and snacks
    Country Czechia
    Wine-growing area Moravia
    Location of vineyard Hustopeče
    Harvested By hand

    Base wines aged in barrels

    Aging on LEES 36 month

    Method Traditional
    Alcohol volume 12,5 % vol
    Residual sugar 0.2 g / l
    Acids 6.3 g / l
    Ideal serving temperature 6 – 10 °C
    Allergens Contains sulphites
    Bottle 0,75 L
    Producer FABIG s.r.o. 
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