Our Friends and Brands 


Gala Winery

Under the motto "Quality wines from the perfect grape and respect for the soil as a living organism" the family produces unique wines that have a mineral touch that is so typical and unique to Pálava area in Czechia.

Fabig Winery

Cultivation and the making of wine at Fabig's winery isn’t any magic. Winemakers believes in logical thinking and long lasting quality, not any current trends.

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Gurdau Winery

Gurdau winery was founded in 2012 in small village Kurdějov. They were the first ones to restore the local winemaking tradition, which was interrupted for decades. The name of the winery originated from the former German name of the village – Gurdau.

Ivan Katunar Winery

In Vrbnik, situated right above the sea, viticulture and wine production have been the main activity for centuries.
Wine house Ivan Katunar continues the family tradition of wine production.


Trebitsch Whisky

So far, it is the first and only company in Bohemia that specializes in whisky making. They got trademarks, their offer is expanding and great opportunities are ahead of them. 

Kolby Winery

According to written records, the history of vine growing on Kolby Hill dates back to the reign of King Přemysl Otakar II, and some findings prove that the vine on Kolby could have grown even in the 2nd century.


Garage 22 distillery

Garage22 is the first craft distillery in Prague. You will find them in the original factory premises located in a house courtyard in Tusarova Street in Holešovice. They cook authentic London Dry Gin using state-of-the-art technology and carefully selected botanicals.